Hovercraft born 2004 formed by a multidisciplinary team dedicated to designing, manufacturing and processing of standard and custom hovercraft for use in sports, fishing, walking, hiking, personnel carriers, military exercises, rescues as in cases of tsunami, floods and flooding.
Today, thanks to research and development of mining hovercraft, Hovercraft offers geographic and topographic monitoring studies for tailings dams. Delivering optimal information for decision-making through their soil test reports and guideline basis to monitor deformation of the dam to identify possible breakdowns.
This way in addition to manufacturing custom Hovercraft hovercraft, it has specialized in the delivery of essential information on studies and monitoring of tailings dams.


Hovercraft through its experience in tailings dams, has designed and developed Minercfat to operate not only in tailings ponds but also in lithium salt mines, among other applications. Complying with all safety standards required by the SERNAGEOMIN, Hovercraft is able to perform monitoring and geotechnical studies.


We work with delivering critical to optimize tailings dams information. (watch video)

Geotechnical studies:

  • Transport and installation of geotechnical probes, fiber optic intubation in tailings dam and CPT (cone penetration test).
  • Particle size distribution of sands in-situ density, soil compaction.
  • Positioning geophysical instruments in the tailings dam.
  • Other instrumental


  • Positioning of Scanner 3D scanning, dimensional documentation and monitoring.
  • Other instrumental monitoring.
Mining Salt Flats

We reduced accidents thanks to the safe transfer of personnel and improve times studies and monitoring processes, reducing associated costs.

  • Transport of personnel and placement of surveying instruments.
  • Control of brine pools.
  • Other instruments.

  • Training.
  • Ecological Projects – environmental.
  • Inspection of bridges.
  • Rescue and Emergency.
  • Iodine Pools.



  • Helmet made of fiberglass with resins resistant to chemical attacks.
  • Aeronautical technology engines.
  • Greater capacity for weight transport (180 kg).
  • Hovercraft skirt manufactured with special materials for high sand abrasion. Design and own development.
  • Implemented with metal grips attached to the helmet for safety harness for pilot and passenger.

All our teams have:

  • Bases for emergency stretcher for the transfer of injured.
  • Survival equipment.
  • Communication radios.
  • Fire extinguisher.
  • Safety helmet.
  • Safety glasses.
  • Breathing masks.

Our equipment meets all the safety standards required by:



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